• Deb Balster

The first Anemone's

I have an allotment very near my house, and about four years ago I decided to expand my vegetable growing to include more flowers grown specifically to pick. This was mainly for Emily’s wedding but also because I have always loved growing flowers and shrubs to pick for the house. The garden around my house is small, but very productive, but the addition of my allotment in 2006 started a great revolution in our kitchen!

In 2014 I started planning what I would plant for Emily’s wedding. I started with hardy annuals, such as cosmos and nigella, and also planted some dahlias. I managed to pick enough in August 2015, including raiding friends gardens, to fill the church and venue with colourful flowers. Sorry not very good phone photos!

By now I was hooked and I started researching how I could keep growing and have an outlet for my surplus stems. I found out about and discovered that I was not alone and that there were people dotted around the country doing the same.

Because I had a full time job, I continued to dabble and expand what I grew until 2017 when Emily and I got the opportunity to become bespoke studio florists. A story for another blog.

But the most exciting thing that has happened this weekend is that I have picked the first anemones! They are a little munched around the edges, but I am hoping that the next picking will be stronger.

Deb x


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