Fiorella - 'Little Flower' in Italian, a name close to our hearts.


We are a mother and daughter partnership, with a passion for all things creative. Both with extensive experience in aspects of the events industry, Deb is also an expert in horticulture. 

We love to grow our own flowers, and more and more of our bouquets and arrangements are supplemented with British and homegrown blooms, we are passionate about looking after the environment and this is just one of the ways we are working towards a greener way of running our business.


"Grown not flown"

Fiorella Florals Bride and MotherMoter and Bride
Fiorella Florals Table arrangement

We believe that flowers are one of the most exciting and gratifying gifts to receive, and are passionate about presentation. We take pride in wrapping our bouquets in eco friendly packaging and always strive for a natural aesthetic. 

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